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Discover what you need to know about avoiding millions in taxes while Creating an Enduring Legacy...
“There are two systems of taxation in our country: one for the informed and one for the uninformed.” --Judge Learned Hand (1872-1961)

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 #1:  Learn the basics of how charitable trusts and foundations can help you avoid tax
Lets face it, no-one likes paying taxes... especially Libertarians.  The combination of the investor's guide, anarchast appearance and TDV presentation will arm you with a vast amount of information you won't find anywhere else.
 #2: Protect Your Assets
In today's world of frivolous lawsuits and Sue happy lawyers...Charitable Trusts are great vehicles to help protect your assets.
#3: Address the Elephant in the room
If you were to pass away tomorrow, would you wish you had done more to plan for the inevitable?  Would you feel confident your wealth would create the legacy you've envisioned... Or would your heirs even know how to access your funds? These are hard questions to ask that you've more than likely been avoiding for years.  Get Started today. 
 #4:  See a Hypothetical example of how putting $15 million of crypto into a charitable trusts saved nearly $80 million in taxes!
Sounds pretty fantastical right?  We used a 9.5% growth rate against the dollar and to see the assumptions we used you'll have to read our investor's guide
 #5: Learn more about Self Directed IRA's and get in on our limited time offer linked in the video below
Get off the Wall Street plantation and learn how a self directed ira may help supplement your lifestyle needs
#6: Learn about our roth conversion strategy
In our investor guide we clearly lay out how a investor would most certainly be better off not cashing in their 401(k) by instead converting their accounts to a Roth IRA.

On top of this, we have an advanced strategy for doing this that is not common knowledge. 
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